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Margaret Hughlock

Margaret was born in Lancashire and studied textile and fashion design at Bolton College of Art and subsequently developed a very successful career in the fashion, textile and interior design industry. Her varied career in the design industry lead her to work for several large companies such as Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and BHS designing textiles for the European and Japanese markets. Margaret has also worked with Mary Quant helping her to launch her range in Japan.

During the last ten years, Margaret has established herself as a freelance artist and designer, working throughout the UK, Spain and the USA creating hand-painted furniture, murals, and innovative interiors.

Throughout her career, she has earned several awards, including “The national Newspaper Fashion Award” and was winner of “The House Beautiful Designer of the Year” award for fashion and interior design.

Margaret works in various mediums and enjoys experimenting with technique and style. She describes herself as a sort of chameleon, creating works to suit a particular theme, background or interior style, although aspects of her career can be seen in these unusual and decorative pieces which incorporate architecture, history and culture.

In stock work by Margaret Hughlock